Richard J. Bier (1926-2005) - By Jan Bier (Richard's daughter)

Born in 1926, Richard was a lifelong resident of Fresno California. His love of numismatics began as a young man and continued to be a passion until his passing in 2005.

His collection, although not particularly valuable in terms of an investment, was of great personal value to him as he spent a great deal of his non-golfing time cataloging and organizing it. He appreciated the beauty and detail of the art, not necessarily the value, of the coins and currency he chose to include in his collection.

This translated to his involvement in the local art community where he enjoyed assisting the artists with their gallery functions. Richard was also a longtime member of the Fresno Numismatics Society, at one time serving as president.

He often spent time sharing his passion with his grandchildren, letting them find images hidden within the fibers of some of the foreign currency only visible when held to the light or comparing with them the progression of changes to U.S. coins and currency over the years. His collection also included pieces that were issued the years all of his grand- and great-grand children were born.

His banker always contacted Richard the day the latest state quarters became available as he was making sure each of his grandchildren had their own complete collection. The tradition is now being continued by his wife Roberta.