Maurice Gould - Syndicated Columnist, Lecturer, Numismatist

Maurice Gould was an enthusiastic fan of the Mystery Cent and believed it would have a tremendous positive impact in the field of Numismatics.

In the 1970’s Maurice Gould was a syndicated columnist for General Features Corp., an affiliate of the LA Times Syndicate. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society, a Fellow of the Canadian Numismatic Society, a Life Member of the ANA, a Life Member of the Canadian Numismatic Society and a Life Member of the Numismatic Literary Guild.

In mid 1972 the hobby was abuzz about the purchase of a penny for $25,000. Gould, in his July 2, 1972 syndicated column, stated his curiosity as to how the most common coin of the lowest denomination could become so famous.

Gould contacted Wilkins and a mutual respect and friendship developed between them. After Wilkins unveiled the Mystery Cent at the Fresno Coin & Stamp Show, Gould invited Wilkins to speak about his Coin and about oddities in general at the 1973 Long Beach Coin & Stamp Show. After the speech, Wilkins received a standing ovation.

Gould was very supportive and enthusiastic about the potential for the Mystery Cent. He also arranged for the Mystery Cent to appear at Disneyland in 1973. On more than one occasion Gould called the Mystery Cent a “coin of dreams.”