Marc Nurre - Reporter

In 1972 Marc Nurre was a reporter in San Rafael, California. He wrote a front-page “red-line-banner” headline story about Wilkins’ purchase of the Coin in the local newspaper, The Independent Journal.

This is indicative of the excitement the Coin’s purchase generated at that time, because a ‘red-line-banner’ is usually reserved for important national news such as a political upset, death of a president, war, etc.

Nurre’s news article was later incorporated into the Mr. Lincoln painting by artist, Leonard K. Jennings. It was added to the subject of the painting to help reveal part of the reason why Wilkins had bought the Coin.

Nurre’s article was one of two original articles that helped spread the news of this amazing numismatic event. Collectors, hobbyists, and everyday people were intrigued and excited that a simple penny could have such great value!