Joseph C. Feucht - Friend & Witness

1. Feucht was listed on the bank’s safety deposit box where the coin was stored for over six months after its original purchase. He shipped it, at Wilkins request, via air express, to the San Francisco Airport for the Coin’s unveiling at the July, 1972 Fresno Coin & Stamp Show.

2. When the ANACS declined to authenticate the Mystery Cent’s error, Wilkins and Ken Mason entered into new agreement. Feucht was present in late 1990 when Wilkins & Mason met and Mason then became a one-third owner of the Mystery Cent.

3. In early 1991, Feucht helped Wilkins open the Lincoln Mystery Cent Museum in front of the Duff’s Famous Smorgasbord in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

4. When that museum space was later needed for the Duff’s General Store, Feucht helped Wilkins pack up the Mystery Cent Museum and together they transported the exhibits back to California. 

5. On the trip back to California, Wilkins and Feucht stopped at the ANA headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was there that Feucht witnessed Wilkins momentarily remove the Mystery Cent from its custom-made holder and hand the Cent to the ANA associate. This young man, David Vagi, trembled with excitement as he held the coin he had heard about for years. “I can’t believe I’m actually holding the Lincoln Mystery Cent in my hand!” he exclaimed.

The magical symbolism the coin represents and the universal excitement it generates are undeniable!