Ed Reiter - Numismatist, Author, Reporter, Editor

Ed Reiter

Ed Reiter is an award-winning senior editor of COINage Magazine and executive director of the Numismatic Literary Guild. He wrote “Weekly Numismatics” in the Sunday New York Times for nearly a decade and is the former editor of Numismatic News. In addition to his editing positions, he is author of several books on numismatics. He is also an accomplished poet, singer, lyricist and creator of crossword puzzles.

Reiter’s articles and memorabilia found throughout the Mystery Cent Museum are a testament to his sincere interest of the Cent’s magical story and its journey so far.

In appreciation for his long term reporting about the Coin, Reiter was presented with the number One (of 100) of the Mystery Cent’s commemorative “Limited Edition” signed & numbered Press Kits.

Reiter will always be credited with being one of many visionaries (including Maurice Gould, Abe Kosoff, Norman Stack, Bruce Godchaux, Everett Phillips, Paul Endler, and others) who saw the value and potential of this unique Coin.

Former Coin World editor and renowned numismatist, Margo Russell, once stated that something was needed to reverse the public’s declining interest in the Hobby. Thanks to Reiter’s ongoing interest in the Coin over the years, Numismatics may again recapture a portion of its past popularity through coming announcements about the Lincoln Mystery Cent.