"Biography: Bruce Godchaux"

Bruce Godchaux, Reporter - Vallejo Times Herald

In 1972 Bruce Godchaux was a reporter in Vallejo California, whose byline in reporting on coins and numismatics was titled "About Fair."

He was instrumental in helping chronicle the journey of the Lincoln Mystery Cent into numismatic history. He is also credited with several memorable moments in the story of the coin.

  1. 1. Godchaux was the reporter who created two cartoons of the Lincoln Mystery Cent. These appeared February 12, 1972 and April 22, 1972 in his About Fair articles.
  2. 2. Godchaux also is credited with running the largest front page news story about Wilkins and the Lincoln Mystery Cent in a daily newspaper, the Vallejo Times Herald. His September 9, 1972 story with a top banner headline is one of two daily newspapers that ran top banners. The other was the January 26, 1972 "red line" banner article in the San Rafael Independent Journal.
  3. 3. In 1973 Godchaux was responsible for providing Wilkins a surprise usually reserved for celebrities and the like. During a layover at the Chicago airport, Wilkins thumbed through several coin magazines in preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement. He picked up a magazine called Coins and turned to an article about "oddities" thinking it might contain material he could use in his speech. Much to his surprise the article was about the Mystery Cent with a picture of Wilkins, himself! Godchaux had sold the story from his second interview with Wilkins to Coins Magazine.

Godchaux was always enthusiastic and supportive of the Lincoln Mystery Cent. He also felt the story of this humble penny would be a boon to the "hobby" and increase interest in numismatics. His contribution to the legacy of the Lincoln Mystery Cent remains an invaluable factor in the Cent's fame and notoriety!