"Biography: Alan Herbert"

Alan Herbert - Columnist – Author – Numismatist

Alan Herbert is very uncomplimentary in his commentary about the Mystery Cent. Herbert’s attack on the Mystery Cent is erroneous and all his claims have been easily disproven. (See “Response to the Critics” in the Mystery Cent Museum) 

Alan Herbert began collecting coins in 1963 and became involved in the Mystery Cent’s Legacy through Ed Reiter. At one point Herbert had an opportunity to examine the Cent when Wilkins sent the Coin to Ed Reiter. Herbert was not impressed with the story of the Coin nor its oddity.

In fact, in Herbert’s book “Coin Clinic--1,001 Frequently Asked Questions” (Krause Publications Numismatic Division, 1995) Herbert labeled the Mystery Cent a “bummer,” “worthless,” “a scheme,” and claimed that it “appeared to be altered.”

Then he made two further false claims:

1. That he was the first expert who was allowed to examine the Coin

2. That there was an attempt in the 90’s to revive the “scheme” by displaying the Coin at an ANA convention in Baltimore

At the 2007 launching of the http://www.mysterycent.com/ website, Dan Wilkins issues an open challenge to debate Herbert regarding his claims about the Mystery Cent. Wilkins’ only condition is that Herbert allow Wilkins to film the debate for use in a documentary about the Coin.