The Lincoln Mystery Cent

Mary Brooks, Director,  U.S. Mint. In Fort Knox

US Director of the US Mint Mary Brooks
inside the gold vault at Fort Knox.

“And thank you again. I’ve been a coin collector for more than three decades – this is certainly special.”
Dr. Frank Luntz
July 15, 2015

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“You won’t find the “Lincoln Mystery Cent” on most people’s lists of the rarest, most valuable U.S. coins. But it’s certainly among the most highly publicized. And, for that reason, it holds intrigue – even mystery – for the many Americans who have read about it in newspapers and magazines over the last 40 years. With the coming of the Computer Age, it’s even featured now on its own website… presents the documented history of this remarkable Lincoln Cent. Its fascinating journey has transformed it into something quite special. In a real sense, the Mystery Cent’s story has rearranged the letters of “coin” and given us a numismatic icon”.
Ed Reiter
Senior Editor, COINage
October 22, 2012

The Lincoln Mystery Cent is The World's 'Most Famous' Lincoln Cent/Penny.

"I predict it (owning a Limited Edition Press Kit) will be fun for collectors 100 years from now."
Margo Russell, Janualry 3, 2009

March, 2008: Lincoln Mystery Cent is Featured in a four page article and the cover of COINage Magazine

The Lincoln Mystery Featured in COINage